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Expert Septic Tank Services

Having been operating in the waste industry for over 30 years means we have the relevant experience and skills to effectively deal with any septic tank issues you may be facing, regardless of whether you are a domestic, commercial or industrial customer. As a fully licenced waste permit holder, the Allied Septic Tank & Drain Cleaning team has a high level expertise in addressing septic tank problems.

Why do I need to have my Septic Tank Cleaned or Emptied?

If your septic tank is emitting a foul smell, it is safe to say you can usually take this as a tell-tale sign that it is time to empty or clean your septic tank. We estimate that a septic tank needs to be emptied annually in a house of 6 and every 16 months in a house of 4. Having your septic tank emptied and cleaned before or on schedule not only helps prevent any nasty smells, it also helps lengthen its lifespan.


Call the team at Allied Septic Tank & Drain Cleaning today to hear more details on our Septic Tanks Services.

Our Septic Tank Services

Here at Allied Septic Tank & Drain Cleaning, we offer our services to domestic, commercial and industrial customers across Louth, Meath, Monaghan and Dublin.

Septic Tank Emptying
Septic Tank Servicing
Septic Tank Cleaning
Sludge Removal
Septic Tank Maintenance
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